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Message from the CEO

I believe 2018 will see the further expansion of the IoT market. However, the number of companies and interest groups who are really creating new value appears to be still quite limited. We have started to see the emergence of platforms which support the analysis, processing and security of data gathered by wireless sensors and delivered to the cloud via the communications infrastructure.
It is said that in a matter of a few years we may well see over 100 million sensors deployed and operating. At DSPC we anticipate a lot of potential issues which may impact the realization of the IoT society.
Specifically, when we think about aspects such as data collection terminal device development, the physical deployment of these devices, their operating cost, the related communications traffic, the expansion of data in the cloud, power consumption and real-time data access we can see there are many challenges ahead.
We believe it is best not to rely only on processing in the cloud but instead to put efforts into the realization of an Edge Computing Platform which can be "Autonomous, Distributed, Cooperative" in nature while also drawing on advantages of Artificial Intelligence. By bringing such a platform into being, a wide variety of applications can benefit from optimized data collection methods which can directly contribute to the realization of the IoT Society.
Additionally, we fully support interworking between industry, academia and government through joint development work and open innovation.We hope that we may work with all of you to realize the IoT Society we all believe in.

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Itaru (Ike) Hatano,
CEO, Device & System Platform Development Center Co., Ltd

Company Data

Company Name

Device & System Platform Development Center Co., Ltd. (DSPC)


Solid Square East Tower 10F, 580 Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa 212-0013, Japan


Itaru (Ike) Hatano

Areas of Business

System research, planning, development, manufacture and sales of IoT devices. Services related to the promotion and adoption of IoT devices in society, including related standardization activities.


JPY 51.5M


July 29th, 2016


Acro hondings CO., LTD.


Elecom CO., LTD.



Tokyo Electron Limited

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation




Shozo Saito


Itaru Hatano

Director (non-executive)

Hideki Shibata

Director (non-executive)

Yasuo Sasao

Director (non-executive)

Hajime Nishikawa

Director (non-executive)

Akihiko Ishikawa

Director (non-executive)

Tomoyoshi Ishida


Teruo Ninomiya



Management Philosophy and Vision

Management Philosophy

Contribute to the betterment of society through the provision of products and services which represent solutions to needs, deliver added value and are friendly to the environment.


To provide solutions and services representing real value to our customers through the ability to gather and make use of a myriad of information and through collaboration with leading-edge global development partners resulting in the overall improvement in society.

Our code of conduct

Strictly adhere to governing laws and regulations

Be sincere and fair in business

Deliver highest quality goods and services which are safe and reliable

Be conscious of the environment in every aspect of our business

Be an excellent corporate citizen contributing meaningfully to society

Strictly protect, maintain and use effectively available information

Respect the rights of all third-parties