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Device & System Platform Development Center

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Business Overview

Our company, Device and System Platform Development Center (DSPC) is focused on the challenge of efficiently gathering and analyzing data from various sources using extremely low power techniques. The results of our development work are contributing to the rapid evolution of Smart Edge Computing underpinning the "Smart Society".
Specifically, we are developing the fundamental technologies for autonomous (battery free) operation using energy harvesting, and circuitry with extremely low operational power.
These technologies when combined with AI and security features will enable the development and wide deployment of data collection devices necessary to support a wide array of new applications required for the growth of the IoT market.
In addition, at DSPC we also manage an industry group known as the "Edge Platform Consortium" with the view to accelerating the adoption of such data collection devices.

News Releases

May 2018
Exhibition at the Internet of Things World
May 11th 2018

Device & System Platform Development Center Co. Ltd ( DSPC) and Rubicon Labs showcase its IoT edge device sensor system with “ the world’s smallest level resource based”security capability at IoT World in Santa Clara, California on May 15-17.

DSPC Press Announcement is here(Japanese only)
Rubicon Labs Announcement is here.
Feb 2018
LPWA Terminal Development projects with NTT Docomo
Feb 20th 2018

DSPC has participated in and provided wireless prototype devices for an NTT Docomo experimental trial to promote the incorporation of IoT into "Kanban Systems" within factory environments.

Feb 2018
Feedback sessions from international symposiums and trade-shows
Feb 20th 2018

DSPC has hosted feedback sessions from various international symposiums and trade-shows related to the area of IoT

Feb 2018
Kawasaki International ECO-Tech Fair 2018
Feb 1st 2018

DSPC made a presentation on the "Evolution of the Edge Computing Platform for the Smart Society" at the Kawasaki International ECO-Fair 2018 event on Feb 1st & 2nd at the Todoroki Arena venue.

Dec 2017
Company Capital increase, Shareholder & Director changes
Dec 4th 2017

On Dec 4th 2017 DSPC increased its capital and made changes to the shareholders and directors of the company.

Nov 2017
SEMICON Japan 2017 Expo participation
Nov 30th 2017

DSPC will participate in the SEMICON Japan 2017 event to be held in Tokyo Big Site from Dec 13th to 15th, 2017. DSPC will be at the Tokyo Weld booth (East Hall #1409) demonstrating their fault prediction IoT solutions which can be applied to motors for manufacturing environments where predictive maintenance is required.
Tokyo Weld booth details are here:

Sept 2017
Sept 28th, 2017

DSPC joined the both of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) at the CEATEC JAPAN event held from Oct 3rd to Oct 6th 2017 at the Makuhari Expo Center.
DSPC participated in the presentation of the results from the "IoT inter-related technologies development/extremely low power data collection system" project conducted by NEDO.

Sep. 2017
EPFC Symposium, First Session
Sept 12th 2017

The event entitled "From the Cloud to the Smart Edge" was held at Kawasaki Solid Square Hall on Sept 12th 2017, 13:30-17:30. A total of 95 symposium registrants and exhibitors attended and the event received extremely favorable reviews.
See the EPFC web-site for more details.

June 2017
Edge Platform Consortium is officially launched
June 5th 2017

On May 31st, 2017 the Edge Platform Consortium was officially launched with the first committee meeting. A description of the launch and first meeting can be found at the link to the Edge Platform Consortium web-page

April 2017
Official launch of the Edge Platform Consortium web-page
April 13th 2017

The URL for the EPFC site is https://www.epfc.jp
The site serves not just to introduce the consortium but also lists activities such as seminars, lectures and event participation.

April 2017
Press release
April 13th 2017

DSPC announces a field trial focusing on LPWA technology in partnership with NTT Docomo.

Aug, 2016
DSPC offices now open
Aug 1st, 2016

DSPC offices now open at Solid Square East Tower 10F, Horikawa-cho 580, Kawasaki-City.


Oct 4th, 2016
IDTechEx Seminar

We invited IDTechEx, who was UK base research firm, and held an IoT related technology and market seminar including energy harvesting, and sensor.
We actively exchanged an information.

Analyst IDTechEx Analysts seminar IDTechEx Seminar